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Why having the right Centrifugal Pump is an Absolute Must?


A centrifugal pump, like any other pump, is a mechanical device whose function is to move fluid. This task is performed by transferring rotational energy from impellers that are one or more driven rotors. The Impeller rotates rapidly while fluid enters them along its axis, which is then cast out along its circumference by centrifugal force through the vane tips of the impeller.

Centrifugal pumps come under the category of dynamic pumps. They are known as centrifugal pumps because they impart energy to the fluid by means of a centrifugal force. This force develops as a result of the rotation of an impeller with several vanes or blades.

Myers Centrifugal Pump and Sta-Rite Centrifugal Pump are among the highest-rated pumps in the market. These pumps are capable of serving continually under demanding conditions. They are recognized for their reliability.

Myers Centri-Thrift Centrifugal Pump - Myers 11704E000

This Myers Centri-Thrift centrifugal pump has been designed for performance. I can continue working under demanding conditions. These pumps are widely recognized for their reliability.

Myers Centri-Thrift Centrifugal Pump can be used for a range of applications. They work well for irrigation and booster service. They can serve as spray equipment and in various other building services. They support laundry equipment. These pumps are found highly useful in cold and hot water circulation. They are used in cooling towers, air-conditioning, and liquid transfer. The tasks like refrigeration, general industrial service, and sprinkling are accomplished using these pumps.

The manufacturing company has done its best to offer the most durable and efficient product. The brass impeller is designed to maintain the balance and prevent vibration and back off.

The mechanical seal uses the best material to resist weathering and temperature. It contains a ceramic seat, stainless steel spring, bellows of synthetic rubber, and brass metal parts. The seals can be easily replaced and are self-adjusting. It is suitable for temperatures up to 140 degrees F. The gray cast iron volute case and bracket are highly tensile.

The mechanical seal features a ceramic seat, carbon washer, stainless steel spring, brass metal. In some models and series, the volute can be rotated to eight positions. This adds to the feature of versatility and flexibility. It facilitates easy and efficient installation. It helps easy servicing without interfering with the system’s piping.

The gasket, which provides a seal between the volute and the bracket case, uses proven material capable of resisting most liquids. The shaft is perfectly aligned for quiet operation and serves long trouble-free. It is corrosion-resistant. The draining is easy with the pump placed in any position with drain plugs in four positions.

Myers 12925E000 Centri-Thrift Series

Myers 12925E000 CT series are constructed in a high-quality material of rugged cast iron. You have the option to couple it with either a brass impeller free of lead or corrosion-resistant Noryl.

The high head models in this series come with heavy-duty motors, ½ through 2 ½ HP. The design is easy for service with four-position discharge. The drain port has been provided for easy winterizing.


Myers 11704E000 Centri-Thrift Series Model 125M-2-1 Centrifugal Pump

It comes with up to 140’ of high head and capacities to 90 GPM. All pumps in this series are designed for easy serviceability with the back pull-out design features and replaceable wear ring.

The abrasion-resistant Noryl Impellers are meant for normal applications to function under temperatures to 140 degrees F. There are silicon bronze impellers, and the pumps are equipped with shaft seals that can function normally under temperatures up to 225 degrees F.

Sta-Rite CCHH3-137S (Sta-Rite CC series)

If you are looking for a lightweight, compact, and yet rugged light head pumps, the CC Series Medium Head Pumps are your best choice. These pumps are also available in high head models.

These pumps require a very small space of just 11-3/8” x 18-1/2” and weigh only 66 to 94 lbs. They can be installed where most other 3 and 5 HP pumps cannot fit in.

The installation is easy and flexible with its feature of 4-position discharge in any direction, left or right, vertical or horizontal.

The silicon brass impeller in it is machined and precision cast and is dynamically balanced. It contains no lead, and its brass wear ring of silicon is replaceable. Its operation is quiet, seal life is long, and it is non-overloading.

Its back-pull-out design is a great feature that helps you remove the entire motor for servicing motor, impeller, or seal. The plumbing does not interfere with the process. These motors come with a one-year limited warranty.

Myers and Sta-Rite Company Overview

Myers Company was founded in 1870. Today, Myers is a part of Pentair recognized as Pentair Myers. This brand offers a wide range of sewage, effluent, and sump pumps and accessories.

Sta-Rite was founded in 1934. The company was acquired in 2004 by Pentair. This brand is a global leader in pump and pumping solutions.

Pump Products company

Pump Products is the Master Pump and Parts distributor and sells directly to the contractors and commercial and industrial market. The company provides the highest quality products at the lowest prices.


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This article gives an overview of Liberty alarm systems, which can alert you to emergency situations and help protect your home from the next flood.

Why do you need a pump alarm system?

Experts say that water causes more damage to homes than any other external factor. Cleaning a flooded room can be a hassle, especially if the water has risen to a high level and damaged all your furniture. To avoid such cases, it is useful to have a liquid level alarm that informs you when the water level is rising above normal near you. Liberty pump alarm systems are designed to provide safety to you and your loved ones by preventing such catastrophes from happening.

Liberty ALM-2W

Alarm systems from Liberty company can accompany sewage, sump, and effluent pump products. The Liberty ALM-2W alarm system is directly wired to operate on 115V. Another alarm system, the ALM-230W, is wired to operate on 230V. ALM-2W alarm system can function for both indoor and outdoor purposes.

Liberty ALM-2W Indoor/Outdoor High Liquid Level Alarm

This alarm system is best suited for your home because it has several features that ensure efficiency and continuous functioning through crisis situations. The Liberty ALM-2W satisfies Type 3R water-tight specifications of pump alarm systems, and its thermoplastic covering gives it solid protection from damage. It has a red alarm beacon and an 82-decibel horn to communicate when something is wrong. You can use its test and silence switch to figure out how the system works.
A 20-inch float cord is included with this alarm. There are several auxiliary contacts for the safe sounding of the alarm. A field wiring is also provided with a removable cover. Check out the PumpProducts website for more information about the ALM-2W alarm system from Liberty.
Liberty ALM-3W
ALM-3W is a commercial alarm system best suited for outdoors and has NEMA 4x rating. This alarm system comes with an outdoor, commercial-duty enclosure. Like ALM-2W, it is directly wired to operate on 115V. Its red alarm beacon has visibility of 360 degrees. The horn generates up to 88 decibels of sound, which is ideal for any commercial establishment that is situated in a busy area. You can ensure safety not just of your employees or co-workers but also of people occupying homes and offices nearby.

Liberty ALM-3W Indoor/Outdoor High Liquid Level Alarm

The ALM-3W alarm system has a switch for testing, turning on, and silencing the alarm. It also comes with a 20-inch float cord and auxiliary contacts. The Liberty ALM-3W alarm system is a must-have for any large establishment. Schools, universities, and large firms can benefit immensely from having an alarm system that prioritizes security and minimizes risks of danger.

Benefits of Liberty pump alarm systems

Having pump alarm systems can provide an additional security layer to your home and reduce the expenses you incur in a crisis. Alarm systems belonging to the ALM series produce an average of 86-decibel sound from the horn, which is loud enough to alert all occupants of your house and your neighbors. You can immediately get a neighbor's attention in case you are unable to contact them over the phone.

Such alarms also have a red LED alarm ring and a light button, which turns green when the power is on. Auxiliary contacts are used to sound the alarm and engage a back-up power source. A 9-volt back-up battery is included when you run out of battery. Once the alarm has sounded, you need not worry about resetting it. The automatic alarm reset option takes care of this for you. You can test your Liberty alarm system with test buttons or silence the alarm using the silence button.

Facts about Liberty

Liberty Pumps is a company based in Bergen, New York that provides a variety of pump products to consumers across the United States and Canada. Liberty also offers a range of repairs, parts for replacement, BIM models, warranty, installation manuals, and a panel selection guide. This company offers a range of pump accessories, depending on your specific needs and establishment.


PumpProducts is a distributor and supplier of pumps and pump products and provides goods, including superior quality pumps, generators, electric motors, controls, and pump repair parts. Products are available at discounted price rates and shipped across the country. Items that are immediately not available are shipped directly by the manufacturer.

PumpProducts is a storehouse of major brands, including Liberty. You can get access to resources like manuals and product specifications on their website for a product that you may be interested in. Their salespersons can work with you to determine which product would best suit your needs. You can talk to their experienced engineers on your pump applications who bring their valuable expertise in finding solutions to your inquiries.

Do you have questions or concerns about Liberty alarm systems? Talk to a customer service representative at PumpProducts today by dialing 800-429-0800. You can also visit their website at