Friday, June 4, 2021

Armstrong and B&G are Two Reliable Names When It Comes to Circulator Pumps


Water management is a crucial aspect of our daily lives. The high precision flow of water or any other fluid has close links to efficiency. In closed circuits that deal with heating and cooling, this helps in saving energy. Circulator pumps help regulate fluid flow in these situations. But selecting the suitable pump model is the most significant aspect for optimum performance. In this blog, let us explore different circulator pump models from Armstrong and B&G.

What are Circulator Pumps? 

Proper regulation of heating and cooling systems is essential for both residential and industrial design. Re-circulation of hot liquids, especially water, is a major component of this.

Circulator pumps are centrifugal pumps that circulate fluids in a closed circuit. Unlike common pumps, they don't lift water from a water body. Due to this, the normal household circulator pumps are small with a low power rating. For industrial fluid re-circulation, pumps with higher specifications are used.

The circulator pump consists of a motor, impeller, and supporting system. They are often sealed, providing a watertight system that is crucial for closed hydronic systems. In household water systems, circulator pumps are very useful in conserving energy in the hot water line. Due to this, municipal authorities are encouraging house owners to install circulator pumps. Nowadays, pumps with automatic on/off and temperature sensors are popular. 

Selecting the Best Circulator Pumps

The selection of a circulator pump for your household requires thorough planning. It can be a challenging task without proper information about the pump models available in the market. Armstrong and B&G are the two prominent brands that offer a wide range of circulator pumps. Based on flow rate and power requirements, you can select a suitable pump for your use. Let us explore more about circulator pump models from Armstrong and B&G.

Armstrong Fluid Technology

Armstrong is a true leader in pumping solutions with over 80 years of experience. With a strong focus on customer satisfaction, the company constantly produces innovative products. Armstrong has strong capabilities in design and manufacturing. It has eight manufacturing facilities and is a global leader in pump sales. Circulator pumps from Armstrong combine performance, innovation, and engineering excellence.

Armstrong Compass Series Circulator Pumps

The compass series of Armstrong circulator pumps packs an intelligent system. This system automatically adapts to provide the desired temperature and flow. Unlike the existing fixed-speed circulators, they operate with variable-speed circulators. These circulator pumps provide reliable operations and save a considerable amount of energy. 

             Armstrong 180203-686

The Armstrong 180203-686 is a wet rotor pump that comes with a check valve. It has a cast iron body capable of withstanding corrosion. The pump features eight operation modes for delivering optimum performance. It can achieve a flow rate of up to 20 US GPM and 20 ft (ca. 6 m) head height. The motor in this pump delivers power in the range of 5 W – 45 W. It is highly efficient, offering variable operating speeds. The Armstrong 180203-686 circulator pump is highly versatile and easy to use. It can handle up to a maximum temperature of 230 °F. This circulator pump is suitable for closed-circuit systems in residential applications.

Armstrong 180203-686 Model Compass 20-20CI Circulator


Bell & Gossett

Bell & Gossett is a leading brand from the house of Xylem water solutions. B&G focuses on a wide range of water solutions, including pumps, valves, and accessories. The company has expertise in dealing with HVAC applications. With more than 100 years of experience, every product from B&G results from high-end research and innovation. B&G has a wide range of circulator pumps suitable for both household and industrial uses. 

Circulator Pumps from Bell and Gossett

The range of B&G circulator pumps is well-known for their efficiency. They provide a quiet operational experience in heating and cooling applications for hydronic systems. These pumps are maintenance-free and permanently lubricated for smooth operations.

             Bell & Gossett 1BL006

The 1BL006 model belongs to the PL series of circulator pumps from B&G. This dry motor pump can deliver a truly powerful performance. It features a 1/6 HP single-phase dry motor. The pump can reach a flow rate of 38 GPM and a maximum head height of 35 ft (ca. 11 m). The stiff-shaft design and premium built quality ensures that it can withstand high thermal stress. It is tough and suitable for rugged operations due to the use of high-quality corrosion-resistant materials. Apart from this, the close-coupled design increases its efficiency multi-fold. The pump is permanently lubricated, delivering long-lasting performance. 

Bell & Gossett 1BL006, PL-36, PL Series, Booster Pump


             Bell & Gossett 1BL004LF

The 1BL004LF model or PL-45B from B&G is an intelligent circulator pump. The pump body is built of bronze and is completely lead-free. It has a 1/6 HP motor operating at a single phase. The motor is capable of delivering 3300 RPM. It is a powerful performer when it comes to the excellent flow rate that it offers. The shaft is made up of carbon steel and has a stainless steel sleeve for protection. It is maintenance-free with permanent lubrication. A high precision bearing system ensures smooth operation. It can operate at a maximum temperature of 225 °F.


Bell & Gossett 1BL004LF, Model PL-45B, Series PL, Bronze Booster Pump

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