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Know About TrunkPump: Hydraulic Driven Pumps and PTO Driven Pumps

Hydraulic pumps are used in many different industries and environments. They are used in lifts, steel mills, foundries, and so on. Hydraulic-driven pumps are mostly used in transfer pumps and spraying operations. PTO-driven pumps are also used to move large quantities of water easily. If you are looking for pumps for moving liquids, then TrunkPump hydraulic-driven pumps and PTO-driven pumps are some of the best in the market.

What are hydraulic-driven pumps?

Hydraulic-driven pumps are powered by a hydraulic motor that is mounted on the transfer pump or sprayer. The benefit of these pumps is that they can provide high pressure for spraying. Some of these pumps can provide pressures up to 100 PSI. They can also work very well in both hot and cold conditions. You also do not need diesel engines or gas to keep fueling these pumps. They are also low maintenance.

TrunkPump TP-HYD2, 2-inch Hydraulically-Driven Dewatering Pump

A high-pressure supply hose feeds hydraulic oil to the hydraulic-driven pump from the tractor or truck’s hydraulic system. These systems also contain a return hose from the hydraulic motor to the tractor’s reservoir. You must be careful not to over-speed the hydraulic motor on these pumps. Overspeeding can often happen if the supply of hydraulic oil is at a high flow rate to the hydraulic motor. It can damage not only the motor but also the bearings and seals of the pump. So, how can you prevent overspeeding? Matching the flowrate of the hydraulic system to that of the hydraulic motor can prevent overspeeding. A flow limiting valve can limit the flow rate of hydraulic oil into the motor preventing overspeeding.

What are PTO-driven pumps?

For golf courses or farms, small pumps are never enough for irrigation or to remove water from a sandpit. You need something big, where PTO or power take-off pumps come in. PTO-driven pumps are also called trunk pumps. You will find them connected directly to the tractor’s back, and the driveshaft of the gas engine drives these pumps.

TrunkPump TP-2PTP, 2-inch PTO-Powered High Pressure Pump

Since they are high-output pumps, the biggest benefit of PTO-driven pumps is that they can handle massive amounts of water. PTO-driven engines also do not use their own engines, which makes them practically maintenance-free. You do not have to worry about the pump breaking down or the need to replace pump parts. If you buy PTO-driven pumps from companies such as TrunkPump, these pumps have solid construction. The robust construction of these pumps has made them durable and dependable for several years.

Despite their large size and capabilities, PTO-driven pumps are quite easy to use. They are very easy to set up and get to work. You also do not require many tools to set up these pumps or take them off. PTO-driven pumps are also extremely powerful and can pump more than 30,000 gallons per hour.

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TrunkPump is a well-known name in the pump industry, manufacturing pumps since 2006. It is known for manufacturing high-quality, high-performance pumps for a multitude of industries. The founders, Chris Pappalardo and Doug McFarland started the company from scratch more than 10 years ago. The biggest benefits of choosing TrunkPump are ease of use and low maintenance. People who don’t want to main gas-powered pumps and don’t want to carry one around can benefit a lot from TrunkPump hydraulic-driven pumps and PTO-driven pumps.

These pumps are so easy to use that they can be hooked up to your tractor without hassle. You can run these pumps with the most compact tractors. Most TrunkPump pumps have a horsepower requirement of 8 HP, but the largest pump may require around 15 HP. The horsepower requirement is nothing that a standard tractor cannot handle.

TrunkPump pumps work by deriving power from your tractor. The power is then used to reverse the rotation and increase the RPM from 540 to 3500 to run the pump. The hydraulic-driven pumps are driven by remote hydraulics and can be run on any nearly hydraulic source. It requires 9 GPM of hydraulic flow at 1250 psi. In low flow, your pump may run slower and not at optimum speed.

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The Versatility of Red Lion Transfer Pumps

As the name suggests, transfer pumps transfer different fluids from one place to another. These pumps have diverse applications ranging from moving oil from a pipeline to a large tank or siphoning off water from flooded areas. While many factors come into the picture when it comes to choosing transfer pumps, the most important factor is reliability. When looking for reliable pumping solutions for oil reinjection or tank transfer, Red Lion Transfer Pumps are the right choice.

Red Lion: A leading brand in the pump industry

Red Lion is a brand that has established its superiority in the hardware pump industry. The company offers a diverse range of transfer pumps that cater to a wide array of applications. These include:

·          Draining water tanks and aquariums

·          Boosting household water pressure for washing vehicles and driveways

·          Emptying and filling live wells

·          Draining boat bilges

·          Draining stock tanks

Red Lion water transfer pumps are also ideal for use in lawn sprinkling irrigation, sewage, and stormwater runoff removal. The pumps are connected internally to the water transfer system that can be activated automatically or manually. Water gets pumped through the piping till it reaches the atmosphere.

Known for its innovative approach to designing customer-centric products, Red Lion Pumps has emerged as the global leader in designing, developing, and manufacturing pumps for diverse applications.

Red Lion Transfer Pumps: Applications, features, and benefits

Specialized water transfer pumps

There are specialized transfer pumps designed for particular uses. For instance, when it comes to removing liquids from shallow areas and appliances, there are not many competitors to the Red Lion RLMPDP Drill Powered Transfer Pump. The self-priming pump is used with an electric hand drill and can be connected to standard garden hoses.

Home-owners also need an easy-to-use pump in emergency situations such as stormwater cleanup and removing water from rooftops and basements.

The Automatic Utility Pump is another top-notch product designed for these water transfer applications. The automatic feature enables the Red Lion Transfer Pump to activate at 3-minute intervals and detect the presence of water. If water is detected, the Red Lion Transfer Pump continues to pump until all the water is removed. You can also find the right Red Lion Transfer Pump if you are looking to empty the water heater or swimming pool to carry out repair or maintenance.

While specialized water transfer pumps are one of the USPs of Red Lion, the cost-effective, multi-purpose transfer pumps they offer are the other appealing feature.

Multi-purpose transfer pumps

Red Lion RLMPFV12 Utility Transfer Pump

While there are specialized Red Lion Transfer Pumps for specific functions, there are also multi-purpose pumps such as the Red Lion RLMPFV12 Utility Transfer Pump. This pump is the ideal choice when you need one machine for different tasks such as draining aquariums, hot water tanks, filling live wells, pumping boat bilges, and draining appliances.

Red Lion 14942014, Model RLMPFV12, Utility Transfer Pump

You can clip the RLMPFV12 to a 12 V battery to use this Red Lion Transfer Pump wherever electricity is not available easily. Apart from a rugged metal pump head, the Transfer Pump is corrosion and rust-resistant and is easily portable.

Red Lion RLMPFVK115 Utility Transfer Pump

If you are looking for one transfer pump for carrying out multiple tasks and plugs into the standard wall outlet, the Red Lion RLMPFVK115 Utility Transfer Pump is the right choice.

Red Lion Multi-Purpose Transfer Pump

Another multi-purpose transfer pump from Red Lion is a cost-effective, durable, and ideal solution for various applications.

Red Lion Camo Multi-Purpose Pump

Fishing, camping, hunting and other outdoor adventure enthusiasts need ‘on-the-go’ pumping solutions with an easily portable pump. This is exactly what Red Lion Camo Multi-Purpose Pump is designed for. This transfer pump from Red Lion comes with a vehicle power adapter along with a 6 ft. cord that plugs easily into any car, boat, truck, RV, or ATV.

Red Lion 14942008, Model MPFV12CAMO, Transfer Pump

No matter which transfer pump you choose from Red Lion, the advantages include:

·          Convenience and portability – Red Lion Transfer Pumps are lightweight and come with carrying handles for easy portability.

·          Durability – Rugged materials such as heavy-duty iron and stainless steel make the pumps highly durable and sturdy.

·          Easy to use – You can plug in Red Lion Transfer Pumps to a 12 V battery wherever electricity is not available.

·          Versatility – Multi-purpose transfer pumps are designed to give you a cost-effective solution for diverse applications ranging from irrigation, stormwater clearance, boosting water pressure to draining boat bilges.

 Where to buy Red Lion Transfer Pumps

Buying Red Lion Transfer Pumps from an authorized and trusted Red Lion pumps distributor is vital to avoid poor outcomes and fraudulent products. Pump Products is a well-known master stocking distributor of Red Lion Transfer Pumps. With extensive, niche experience in all types of Red Lion pumps, Pump Products is the destination for customers looking for high-quality Red Lion pumps.

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Buy Top Brands Condensate Removal Pumps: Hartell, Hoffman

A condensate removal pump is used to remove condensate from HVAC systems, refrigeration systems, and steam systems. In refrigeration and HVAC processes, the water that is produced due to condensation must be removed from the system. Condensation happens when air blows over the cold evaporator coils, forming moisture that trickles down into the drain pan under the coils.

Some systems use gravity to drain out the water that collects in the drain pan. However, the water that cannot be pumped out by gravity needs to be removed with a condensate removal pump to prevent it from spilling over onto the floor. A good condensate pump is necessary to ensure that you do not find water dripping from the ceiling or all over your furniture.

How do condensate removal pumps work?

A condensate removal pump does not run all the time but intermittently. The pump comes with a tank to hold the moisture that forms due to condensation. When hot air blows over the cooling coils, the moisture in the air condenses on the surface of the coils. The moisture then drips into a tray and then flows down a drain into the condensate pump’s tank that also contains a float switch. As more and more water flows in, the level rises to the top of the tank, lifting the float switch. This activates the pump’s motor, which pumps up the water into a drain pipe. The drain pipe usually leads to the outside of the building into a floor drain or sink.

What are the benefits of a condensate removal pump?

People spend millions of dollars every year repairing indoor water damage. It is essential to properly run and maintain HVAC and air conditioning systems to reduce the risk of water damage. Many systems rely on gravity to remove condensate from HVAC and air conditioning units.

However, in most modern infrastructure, gravity drainage may not be a suitable option. Gravity drainage must be installed next to an outside wall for maximum efficiency. However, if your unit is further away, you will need to install substantial piping, which means you will need to invest more space and money. Also, it is quite common for gravity drains to leak and cause water damage. Gravity drains could also become the breeding ground for bacteria and fungi, posing a significant health risk.

Unlike gravity drainage, condensate removal pumps can easily pump water upwards, which requires a downward trajectory. These pumps are more suited for modern infrastructure and also reduce the risk of bacterial contamination caused by wastewater.

If you are looking for condensate removal pumps, Hartell condensate removal pumps and Hoffman condensate removal pumps are some of the best in the market.

PumpProducts is a stocking Hartell and Hoffman pump distributor and carries a large inventory suited for all your needs.

Hartell Condensate Removal Pumps

Hartell condensate removal pumps were first developed in 1962. Ever since then, they have established themselves as one of the trusted names in the pump industry. Hartell has been supplying a comprehensive line of innovative and high-quality pumps to the HVAC, refrigeration, and plumbing industries for more than 50 years now.


Hartell condensate removal pumps come with a quick-to-connect and serviceable check valve. These pumps also come with a reversible reservoir combined with a low-level inlet. This feature gives you several more installation options according to your requirements and easier maintenance. The materials used in these pumps are chemical and oil resistant, and they can withstand high temperatures, making them long-lasting and durable. The robust design of these pumps also contributes to the performance and long service life.

In the new pumps, Hartell offers motor-bearing protection at three new levels. It protects the motor from water splash and steam, ensuring a longer service life. The A3 and A5 Series condensate removal pumps from Hartell come with a new check valve design that makes for better fluid flow. It also makes these pumps extremely reliable and very quiet.

PumpProducts carries a wide variety of Hartell condensate removal pumps, including the models 861021, 861022, 861023, 861024, 861026, and more.

Hoffman condensate removal pumps

Hoffman is another prominent name in the pump industry, manufacturing products for a wide variety of applications. They offer a whole range of pump solutions for residential and commercial use, promising easy installation and durability.


The Hoffman Watchman Series condensate removal pumps are available in 6, 9, and 14-gallon sizes and are also fitted with 3/16” steel receivers. The Watchman series comes with a bronze impeller and bronze-wearing ring. The motor housing is built of high-quality cast iron, and the ceramic or carbon mechanical seal can withstand temperatures up to 250 degrees. The float switches of these pumps can be adjusted externally, and they also offer in-built overload protection.

The Watchman series also has a low-height NPT inlet for easy return line piping. There is also a separate NPT connection to provide a secondary vent that ensures safe operation. The close-grained, corrosion-resistant receiver made of cast iron is warranted for twenty years from the date of shipment against failure caused by corrosion.

Hoffman pumps are 100% factory wired and tested to ensure reliable operation.

PumpProducts carries several Hoffman condensate removal pumps, including the models 160029, 160010, 160011, 160030, 160012, and more.


If you are looking for a condensate removal pump for your home or office, look no further. PumpProducts stocks some of the best brands in the market, including Hartell condensate removal pumps and Hoffman condensate removal pumps. If you have queries regarding condensate pumps, please feel free to call our toll-free number 1-800-429-0800 today.


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Heavy-Duty Pumps Made for the Most Demanding Applications

Are you interested in buying a centrifugal pump that’s renowned for its quality and is affordable? AMT Centrifugal Pumps and Goulds Centrifugal Pumps are two of the most reputed in the market today. Here we’ll discuss what makes these pumps great for various heavy-duty commercial purposes.

What are Centrifugal pumps?

Centrifugal Pumps are mechanical devices that have been built to transport fluid from one place to another, by using the power of rotational energy. The centrifugal pump consists of an impeller and rotors. First, the fluid enters the rotating impeller through the inlet, and it is dispelled through the outlet of the pump to the disposal site by the centrifugal force created by the motion of the impeller. The centrifugal pump rotates at a speed of 500rpm-5000rpm.

Heavy Duty Pumps made for the most Demanding Applications.

Centrifugal Pumps come in different variants depending on the type of application they’re used for. If you’re looking for heavy-duty pumps that can support extensive usage, then AMT Centrifugal Pumps and Goulds Centrifugal Pumps are the ideal pumps to choose from.

In particular, there are specific models within the AMT Centrifugal Pumps brand and Goulds Centrifugal Pumps brand that you should consider for your demanding application. These include:

·         AMT 12 Volt DC Washdown Pumps

·         Goulds 3657 Series Centrifugal Pumps

Let’s explore each in detail.

Features and benefits of AMT 12 Volt DC Washdown pumps from AMT Centrifugal Pumps brand.

The range of AMT 12 Volt DC Washdown pumps is meant for extensive day-to-day usage in marine work, sewer work, and other water pumping commercial applications. The entire construction of the AMT 12 Volt DC Washdown pump has been designed for easy installation and maintenance. These pumps have a 1-hour duty rating which, coupled with their highly-efficient impeller, ensures top-notch consistent performance. They are made of quality stainless steel and cast iron that withstand intense use.  

In this range of AMT Centrifugal Pumps brand, you’ll find two models in particular, which are great for heavy-duty operations:

AMT 12DC-95 12 Volt DC Washdown Pump

This AMT 12DC-95 centrifugal pump works on 12-volts power. It comes with a stainless steel body and a cast iron body that is easily portable to the installation site. This model of AMT Centrifugal Pumps brand has the following features:

·         HP of 7/8

·         NPT Suction that is 1-1/4" and NPT discharge that is 1"

·         52-56 GPM flow.

·         The head reaches 80ft in dimension and can pull 35psi liquid pressure (overall supports 150psi).

·         The stainless-steel variant has a Viton mechanical seal, while the cast iron variant has a Buna-N mechanical seal.

·         The models come with 4 front drain pipes.

·         This is a pull-from-rear model, which makes maintenance easier.

·         They need a flooded section to work efficiently and cannot self-prime.


AMT 12DC-95, 12 Volt DC Washdown Pump

AMT 12DC-98 12 Volt DC Washdown Pump

Another AMT Centrifugal Pumps model to consider is the AMT 12DC-98. This high-efficiency pump comes in two construction options – stainless steel and cast iron – which can support bespoke pumping needs. The body is designed to prevent corrosion and is highly durable. Some of the key features of the AMT 12DC-98 are:

·         O-Ring seals are common across all variants. But Buna-N and Viton seals come with cast iron and stainless-steel models, respectively.

·         This model is capable of incremental rotation of 90-degrees.

·         The closed impeller supports heavy-duty pumping with a maximum working pressure of 150psi.

·         The 12-volt, 7/8 HP power requirements are sustainable and perfect for demanding applications.


AMT 12DC-98, 12 Volt DC Washdown Pump

Features and benefits of Gouldss 3657 Series Centrifugal Pumps

The Goulds Centrifugal Pumps brand is renowned for its premium quality products. The Goulds 3657 Series Centrifugal Pumps range, in particular, is used in commercial applications that require high levels of pumping. This model supports the pumping needs of the water treatment, chemical, pharmaceutical, and F&B industries, to name a few. All of the models in this range of the Goulds Centrifugal Pumps 3657 series are compact and portable. They are designed to withstand high water pressure and temperature.

In the Goulds 3657 Series Centrifugal Pumps range, you’ll find the following two models to be particularly suited for industrial applications:

Gouldss 3SS2E9A0 Centrifugal Pump

The Goulds 3SS2E9A0 model is made of top-grade AISI 316 cast-iron stainless-steel parts that can withstand corrosion after long-term use. The design of this centrifugal pump prevents companies from having to provide ground clearance during installation and maintenance. The reverse pull-out design facilitates easy cleaning and repairs. Its key features are:

·         The vertical discharge standard is modifiable into four different positions.

·         The pump comes with a Flowserve Type 31 mechanical seal that has Viton elastomers and Silicon-Carbide faces.

·         The motor is a JM frame that meets NEMA standards.

·         It can support a maximum output of 175psi and work at 250° F (121° C).

·         It requires overload protection and a starter with heaters to be purchased separately.

Goulds 3SS2E9A0, 3657 Series Centrifugal Pump

Goulds 5SS2GCF0 Centrifugal Pump

Another model in the Goulds Centrifugal Pumps 3657 series to take note of is the Goulds 5SS2GCF0 model. This model works on 230/460 volts and has an RPM of 1750. Its AISI type 316 stainless steel body comes with an enclosed 6.5” impeller and a vertical discharge that supports OEM applications. Other features include:

It has a Flanged discharge of 1-1/2" and Flanged suction of 2”.

·         It has a GPM is 165.

·         There is a connection with a key-driven shaft that comes with a locknut.

·         It has a cutting-edge back pull-out design for easy installation and maintenance.

·         There is no need to create ground clearance for set-up.

·         It follows NEMA standards for its open drip-proof motor design.

·         It can withstand over 250° F (121° C) and 175psi thanks to its high-temperature seal.

·         Contractor with overload and starter with heater must be added separately for this.


Goulds 5SS2GCF0, Centrifugal Pump, 3657 Series

About AMT

AMT Pumps is a reputed distributor of premium-quality AMT Centrifugal Pumps and other electrical and water management systems. It is a subsidiary of The Gorman-Rupp Company, with over 7 decades of experience.

About Goulds

Goulds is a premier manufacturer of state-of-the-art Goulds Centrifugal Pumps for the chemical, water, gas and power industries. Its products are renowned for their solid and durable construction, which are ideal for heavy-duty applications.

About PumpProducts

PumpProducts is a reliable supplier of top-quality centrifugal pumps, electrical motors, replacement parts, and generators. We have an extensive supply chain network across America, and we can ship your AMT Centrifugal Pumps and Goulds Centrifugal Pumps at affordable rates in no time.