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How To Use Water Transfer Pumps

Whether it's for domestic or industrial applications, water transfer pumps have become a popular pump type in the market. It moves water from one place to another through low pressure and high flow.  

Note that the pump comes with two hoses, an inlet, and an outlet hose. While the inlet hose receives the water from the source, the outlet hose is placed on the area where you want to transfer the water. 


Besides its outstanding working principle, you must know how to use the water transfer pump to get the best outcomes. Let's learn more:


Features and Characteristics of Transfer Pump

Transfer pumps offer the best features and characteristics for its efficient operations. While the features may vary as per the brand, here are the things that ensure the easy functioning of the transfer pumps:

     Portable and multi-purpose pump

     Thermoplastic easy-to-prime construction

     Outstanding pump performance

     Durable and extended service life

     Ensures easy connection to standard drill/garden hose

     Corrosion and rust resistant

     Ideal for draining the boat

     It can be used for filling/emptying live wells

     Efficient for water transfer applications with no power source

Effectiveness of Transfer Pump

Transfer pumps work easily and efficiently. It creates a pressure difference, which transfers the liquid from one place to another. These are designed to empty the waterbeds, drain water heaters, and ensure hassle-free plumbing applications. The transfer pump is ideal for both residential and commercial use.

It can be used to move gasoline from vehicle gas tanks. Besides that, it's used for transferring water from flooded areas to other areas.

 Guidelines For Using Water Transfer Pumps

Whenever using a water transfer pump, you have to decide on the type of liquid/fluids you will be using. This step should be done before buying the water transfer pump.

Note that if you are buying a pump that deals with non-flammable liquid, there is no way you can use flammable liquids in the same. This means if it's designed for water, you cannot use oil or gasoline.

So, checking whether the fluid is compatible with the pump is important. After that, you should check for other features like its capacity, efficiency, and durability. Make sure you buy the pump at the height you wish to pump the liquid.

About Transfer Pumps Brands

When it comes to the best brands for transfer pumps, both Red lion and Zoeller are the top ones to try out:

Red Lion Transfer Pumps

Red Lion is a well-known developer and manufacturer of systems, components, and pumps that move water. Global leaders back it with years of experience in the field. With Red Lion, you can be assured of high-quality and reasonable water transfer pumps hassle-free.

The best thing about the brand is that they stay at the forefront of consistent product innovation. They listen to their customers and their demands to come up with the best outcomes.

Red Lion also invests in research and development to ensure consistent growth. With this, they are supported with unparalleled service, so you can access their solutions for water pumping challenges.

Red Lion 14942013, Model RLMPDP, Drill Pump

Red Lion transfer pumps are ideal for multiple applications like draining hot water tanks, aquariums, appliances, etc. Besides its durability and sturdy construction, the products are also top-notch in efficiency and performance. 

Zoeller Transfer Pumps

Zoeller pump company has long-term expertise in producing residential pumps, commercial pumps, and related accessories. These are considered the best solutions for moving water, wastewater, and effluent. They are also secured with 100% factory testing, so you can stay assured of good dependability.

Currently, Zoeller has their headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky. They are running their fourth generation of family ownership in the business. One of the best things about Zoeller is that all their products are made in the US using US-based content. 

As a brand, Zoeller is known for selling popular products like sump and effluent pumps, transfer pumps, sewage pumps, drain pumps, etc. They also source their products from the top manufacturers and sellers in the US. This includes the popular pump distributor chain, Pump Products.

Pump Products

Now that you know how to use water transfer pumps and the best brands selling them, why don't you get one for yourself? Pump Products has a diverse catalog of the best water transfer pumps to help you out. 


We have long-term expertise in selling and distributing the pumps that you need. Besides, we are known for timely and hassle-free deliveries on all orders. 

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Picking the Appropriate Utility Pump

Are you facing the wrath of a recent heavy rainfall spell in your locality? Or are you fed by frequent water clogging in your yard or basement? Unexpected water in the basement or job site is annoying and can lead to infections and accidents. An effective utility pump can be your savior here.  

It is advanced machinery that can extract excess water from any space. Experts recommend homeowners and industrial units keep a utility pump handy. But with many options available in the market, picking the right utility pump can be an overwhelming task for you. 

Well, not anymore. Stay with us as we help you pick the best utility pump for your space this year.  

What are Utility Pumps?

Little Giant 505000, Model 5-MSP Subm. Utility Pump

A utility or water pump is multipurpose equipment that is extremely versatile. It can seamlessly solve various issues and make your life easier, just like that. For example, these pumps can effectively clear clogged sinks and drain water from window wells. 

It is portable dewatering equipment that can remove standing water from flooded basements and yards. That’s not all. Some powerful utility pumps can also remove water collected around the foundation of a building. 

 How to Choose the Right Utility Pump?

Keeping certain factors, like the ones below, in mind while shopping for a utility pump can help you immensely. 

How much horsepower (HP) do you need?

The general rule says the higher the horsepower, the higher the performance. However, experts believe a 1/3 HP sump pump should be sufficient for an average-sized space. It can easily handle 7- 10 inches of vertical lifts simultaneously.

What is your application?

Why are you looking for a utility pump? Do you want to remove clogged water or boost water pressure? Or, do you aim to remove condensation or huge amounts of water? You see, there are different types of water pumps available in the market that serve other purposes. 

Submersible water, transfer, and gas-powered pumps are some major utility pumps. First, you need to identify the main problem that needs to be addressed and then select the right utility pump for your space. 

What is the flow rate?

What is the flow rate? Well, it is total time a pump takes to remove a particular amount of water in a minute. For example, a pumping rate between 100 to 200 litres per minute is ideal for a home. On the other hand, a pump that can remove over 200 to 250 litres of water per minute is appropriate for farms or job sites.

What is the size of the inlet?

Ideally, utility pumps come with an inlet size range of 1 to 6 inches. However, this size can be more in some brands. The crux is that the bigger the inlet valve size, the larger the water it can pump in a minute. So, make sure you pick an appropriate inlet size pump according to the level of water clogging in your home. 

What are the liquid properties?

Temperature, liquid viscosity, vapour pressure, and shear sensitivity are major fluid properties you must consider when purchasing a utility pump. You can consult an expert to understand more about these features. 

Different Brands of Utility Pumps

Trust the best in the industry when removing clogged water from your home or farm effectively. Here is the list of the top utility pump brands worth considering in 2022.

AY McDonald Utility Pumps

AY McDonald is a leading name in the utility or water pump industry. Its products are known for their robust durability, versatility, and performance. The brand offers a wide range of products like sump pumps, dewatering pumps, booster pumps, etc. 

Myers Utility Pumps

Myers offers a versatile range of sewage, water well, and utility pumps to cater to different water clogging problems of their customers. Its products are engineered to address residential, industrial, and commercial issues. 

 Little Giant Utility Pumps

Little Giant is known for rolling out some of the market's most versatile, lightweight, and portable utility pumps. Impressive performance, the latest features, and robust durability are the highlights of this brand.

Pump Products

PumpProducts is a leading National Pump Distributor and Discount Pump Supplier in the US. We offer the most versatile range of utility pumps at affordable rates to cater to the ever-evolving needs of consumers. That’s not all. 

Our shipping services are the fastest in the industry. If an ordered product is currently out of stock, we get it shipped to you directly from the manufacturer.

In other words, you need not keep waiting for your favourite products to be back in stock. Our highly efficient team at Pump Products ensures every product reaches your doorstep in the quickest time and in the perfect package.

Connect with us at 1-800-429-0800 for all your product-related queries and cost estimations. 

Marathon Electric Motors - Types and Applications

Whether it's for long-term durability or good efficiency, electric motors are used across several industries for multiple reasons. It requires less maintenance and works well in all conditions.  

The motors are commonly used within factories, warehouses, conditioning systems, and even small appliances. It works by converting electrical energy to mechanical energy, which creates a force for shaft rotation. It can work on both DC/AC forces. 

Marathon electric motors are best-in-class motors that offer outstanding features/benefits to get the best outcomes. 

Types of Marathon Electric Motors

Marathon Ait Compressor Motors

Marathon electric motors are available in several types. Each of these motors is suitable for a wide variety of application that fits the pumping needs:

Purpose Motors

Marathon definite purpose motors are motors that are designed for any particular operation or application. These motors include air compressor motors, elevator duty motors, and power tools. They also involve boat hoist duty motors, power motors, woodworking duty motors, and many more. 

General Purpose Motors

Marathon general purpose motors are created for both industrial and commercial applications. It offers unparalleled power densities, great efficiency, and high performance. These motors can also include split phase or capacitor designs.

HVAC Motors

Marathon HVAC motors are engineered for several uses, including ventilation, heating, and air conditioning. It's useful for regulating temperature and air quality within a given space.

HVAC motors are available in multiple installation types, like integrated internal shaft grounding, blowers, cooling towers, and fans. 

Pump Motors 

Marathon pump motors are designed to move liquids/gases from one place to another. It has multiple varieties that fit all pumping needs, including motors for carbonator pumps, hydraulic pumps, jet pumps, pressure pumps, and well pumps. 

Applications for Marathon Electric Motors

From agriculture to defense, Marathon electric motors are trusted by many industry professionals. Some areas where these motors are used include:

  • The harsh environment of the aggregate and quarry industry
  • Aerospace and defense
  • Agriculture and farming 
  • Automotive
  • Compressors, fans, and HVAC systems
  • Mineral and mining

Marathon Electric Motors Company Overview

The Marathon brand consists of thousands of products and solutions, including everything from AC motors to PDMC ones. They manufacture the best-in-class NEMA, IEC, low/medium, and radial/axial flux motors to fit all the needs. 

The brand's electric and integrated motor solutions are secured with IE4 and good efficiency so that they can be used in the toughest industries. They design motors from ¼ to 5000 horsepower with voltages of 120 VAC to 13.8kV. 

Marathon motors have a long-term experience of more than 100 years in manufacturing. Their modern engineering and production with comprehensive service at the early stage adds more weight to their overall recognition. 

Their exclusive range of products includes variable speed motors, pumping motors, high-speed extruders, and many more. Out of all their products, the Marathon electric motors are the most efficient and long-lasting. They are sourced by many distributors, including Pump Products. Pump Products houses high-quality and ultra-efficient Marathon electric motors for customers across the US. 

Coming to its history, the Marathon brand was formed back in 1913 by a group of local businessmen in the small community of Wausau, Wisconsin. Their very first product was a single phase 115VAC, ¼ HP washing machine motor. The customer for whom they developed the product has stayed loyal to them for 104 years!

As time passed, the company picked up the pace and evolved perfectly. In 1918, they designed fans with their exclusive product, "a drive of a million speeds." Eventually, in 14 years, they manufactured 57,000 electric motors (per year). The numbers kept on increasing with the late 40's electric motor production shot up to 300,000 per year. 

In 1949, the company purchased generator manufacturer Burke Electric of Erie, PA, and its Bowling Green, OH fuse and terminal block division. 

Fast forward to 1991, Marathon introduced the Marathon "fracket," a one-of-kind patented design for brakes and mounts. They also came up with BlueMax and purchased Fidelity Electric. In 1991, they introduced the DVR2000, the first digital voltage regulator in the power generation industry.

Currently, the company is highly dedicated to offering a more seamless experience to the customers with its products.

Pump Products

Do you want the top-rated Marathon electric motors delivered to your doorstep? If yes, then Pump Products has got your back. 

With years of expertise in distributing high-quality pumps across the US, we have teamed up with the most renowned brands to offer pumps, pump parts, and motors. Our team has qualified engineers and customer representatives who can help you find the right product per your requirement. 

Our services are reasonable with fast delivery. So, you can expect to get the pumps earlier than you imagine! 

For more information, you can call us at 1-800-429-0800. Our professionals will guide you through! 

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Introduction to Goulds Elevator Pumps

All the elevators have small pits just beneath the last floor. This pit collects all the pulleys and chains that move the elevator up and down on different building levels. However, these pits are also prone to accumulate rainwater or floodwater during a heavy downpour. This standing water can pose severe threats to the people using the elevator.

The only way to get rid of this problem is by emptying the pit with the help of an elevator sump pump. Goulds Pumps is a reliable name that has been manufacturing some of the best and most powerful elevator pumps in the world. So, let us today discuss Goulds elevator pumps, including their features and applications.

What are Elevator Pumps?

 Elevator sump pumps remove water from transformer vaults and elevator sump pits. This equipment also has an oil detector that checks the level of oil present. The pump will only operate until the water is present in the sump pit. The moment oil is sensed; the machine gets stopped. This technology prevents pumping oil into the sewage system or the groundwater.

Goulds ELKTWE0311L, Centripro Elevator Sump Pump

Types, Features, and Applications of Elevator Pumps

Here is everything you need to know about the types, features, and applications of elevator pumps.


There are four types of elevator pumps:

·         Primary sump pumps

·         Battery-operated sump pumps

·         Sewage sump pumps

·         Combination sump pumps


Here are the features of elevator pumps:

·         They protect the environment from harmful waste.

·         Panel and switch fitted with effluent single-phase pumps.

·         The solid-state device senses oil and water.

·         The sensor differentiates between water and oil, and the panel allows oil to be pumped out effectively.

·         This machine operates only when the probes sense water. It will not function when oil is present in the pit.


We all know that standing water in an elevator pit can have hazardous repercussions. It can weaken the foundation and harm the wiring system of the elevator. To avoid such issues, elevator pumps are installed in elevator pits.

This pump will throw the water into the drain pipe when the water level reaches a specified limit. Elevator pumps can be used in residential, commercial, and industrial units.

Goulds Elevators Pumps

Goulds Pumps is a renowned brand that is known to manufacture the best elevator pumps in the USA. At the heart of this equipment is a sensor. It used conductive sensing technology to identify the water and oil. The information collected by the sensor then controls the action of the adjoining elevator pump or the control panel valves. Finally, various accessories work together to ensure effective pumping operation.

Goulds Pumps

Goulds Pumps is a leading and one of the most trustworthy pump manufacturing brands in the United States of America. Founded in 1848, Goulds Pumps has impressed the world with its robust performance, efficiency, durability, and versatility.

All its products are hassle-free, easy to use, and install. The best part is that all the pumps offered by Goulds Pumps demand minimal maintenance. Moreover, they can be used in residential, commercial, and industrial projects alike.

Made for consistent functioning, Goulds Pumps are ideal for heavy-duty boosting. It offers some of the most powerful elevator sump pumps on the market. These pumps come with a multi-stage pump design. It ensures quiet and vibration-free operations.

You see, Goulds Pumps have been ruling the market for quite a few decades and have proved their quality over time and again. The best part about this brand is that it has kept itself abreast with the latest pump technology. So, when you invest in a Goulds Pump product, you know that you are getting a perfect solution to all your pumping requirements.

So, whether you are dealing with a waterlogged basement that demands immediate sump, an old well with an obsolete pumping system, or a project that needs a high-scale pumping project, Goulds Pumps covers you with a sustainable and efficient solution.

Every pump released under this brand name goes through rigorous quality testing. It meets stringent temperature checks, abrasion, corrosion, and pressure standards. Moreover, Goulds is the only producer that provides digital monitoring features in its products.

So, whether you are looking for cast iron, stainless steel, bronze, or end suction pumps, Goulds has proven its excellence over the years. Are you also planning to get an elevator pump for your home or factory? If yes, head to Pump Products. It is a one-stop destination for all your elevator pump needs.

Pump Products

Pump Products is a reliable master stocking distributor for branded pumps, pump parts, and electronic motors in the USA. We offer high-quality and a wide variety of pumps, generators, motors, and accessories at the best prices. Some of the top brands like Goulds, Boshart, Zoeller, Marathon Motors, Liberty, Leeson, and Generac are listed on this versatile platform.  

Our shipping services are the fastest in the industry. If we don’t have a product in our stock, we get it shipped to you directly from the manufacturer. We also offer the overnight delivery option to help you get what you need at the earliest. Connect with us at 1-800-429-0800 for all your product-related queries and cost estimations. 

Goulds Booster Pumps are Perfect for Heavy Duty Boosting

A booster pump is an innovative device that helps in increasing the water flow and pressure. It offers an extra boost to the otherwise low water pressure to the desired level. A good booster pump provides great pressure to transfer water from the storage tank to the commercial facility or the house. 

Trust the best when purchasing a booster pump for your home. And nothing can match up with the durability and performance of Goulds booster pumps here. Keep reading on as we throw more light on it.

How Does a Booster Pump Work?

A booster pump increases the water pressure by adding a pump to the flow system. It works as a centrifugal pump. It extracts water from one source and moves it through single-stage or multi-stage impellers to increase the overall water pressure. As a result, the high-pressure water reaches the desired level and flows through the outlet.

Booster Pump Types

Booster pumps are usually of two types; ordinary pumps and variable-speed drive pumps:

        Ordinary Pumps – These pumps function at a constant rate. You cannot adjust or increase the water flow in them.

        Variable Speed Drive Pumps – You can adjust the speed and water flow in this type of booster pump.

Choosing between Multi-Stage and Single-Stage Booster Pumps

Multi-stage booster pumps are great when you need extremely high water pressure. It is a good option for residential buildings and factories located uphill where water pipelines are very long.

On the other hand, single-stage booster pumps are best for smaller residential buildings and independent houses.

How to Choose the Right Water Booster Pump?

Here are some tips that can help you identify the best water booster pump for your home:

        Understand your water source. Is it the main water supply, shallow well, or storage tank?

        Consider pump flow, pump head, and suction head

        Determine the type of booster pump you require

        Understand the types of booster pumps available in the market

About Goulds Pumps

When it comes to one of the most reliable pump manufacturing brands in the USA, Goulds Pumps leads the race. Established in 1848, Goulds pumps have impressed their users with their impeccable performance, versatility, efficiency, and durability. Its products are very easy to install and use. These low-maintenance pumps can be used in residential and commercial projects. 

Made for continuous functioning, Goulds booster pumps are perfect for heavy-duty boosting. It offers some of the most powerful booster pumps on the market. Its GB series booster pumps are engineered for agricultural and residential washdowns. This multi-stage pump design ensures a vibration-free and quiet operation.

Moreover, the Goulds HB Series booster pumps are ideal for high-pressure requirements. It is a perfect pump option for multiple-dwelling and high-rise buildings. That’s not all. Its LB centrifugal booster pump series can handle a flow rate of up to 18 gallons per minute.

This series is specially designed for high-head liquid booster packages and transfer systems. All the pumps offered by Goulds Pumps are built with corrosion-resistant stainless steel end casing.

So, whether you are seeking cast iron, bronze, stainless steel or end suction booster pumps, Goulds Pumps have always proven their quality over the years. A seamless delivery system and consumer services have been the backbone of this brand. 

For booster services, spray systems, liquid transfer, dewatering, water circulation, industrial applications, and light chemical, there is a Goulds pump for every application. Goulds booster pumps are widely used worldwide and considered an ideal option for your versatile needs.

Are you also planning to get a booster pump for your home or industry? If yes, get in touch with the customer help desk of Goulds Pumps and pick the right booster pump type for you. You can also consult their experts to understand the applications of the different pump models and types. 

Goulds 18GBC2014N0, Booster Pump, Series GB

About Pump Products

Pump Products is a top national pump distributor and discount pump supplier in the United States of America.  We are one of the most reliable and trustworthy online platforms that offer the most versatile range of heavy-duty boosting pumps at the best rate.

Some of the best pump manufacturing brands are listed on our platform to cater to all your dewatering requirements. We understand and acknowledge the relevance of your time. We have, over the years, improved our delivery and shipping systems and have become one of the fastest in the USA.

If your desired product is out of stock, we can get it shipped directly from the manufacturer. It means you need not pause your processes due to the non-availability of products. Our experienced teams will ensure that every product reaches your doorstep on time and in perfect condition. For more details, connect us at 1-800-429-0800. You can also dial this number for product-related queries and cost estimations. 

How to Choose The Right Sewage Pump?

Do you encounter flooding, overflowing, and blockage from time to time due to wastewater? This emergency requires instant treatment, a change of pipes, and a lot of mess. To avoid this fateful scenario, you need a system that effectively treats sewage solids and ensures the wastewater's smooth flow down the line. 

Fortunately, a comprehensive range of sewage pumps is available to avoid all the flooding and clogging situations in residential areas. Sewage pumps can deal with 2 inches of soft solids and treat them to flow smoothly in wastewater.

It's installed at the lowest point of the sewage basin and transfers the water from drainage to the main sewer line. Moreover, it solves all drainage issues with great power, force, efficient design, and easy installation.

Advantages of Liberty Sewage Pumps

Liberty LE41A-2, LE40 Series, Automatic Submersible Sewage Pump

One brand that stands out in this category is Liberty sewage pumps. They have an extensive range of pumps that suit residential and commercial settings. Some of the advantages they offer are:

     Wide range of sewage pumps

     Durable and long-lasting pumps

     Products cover a 3-year warranty

     You can easily get the spare parts

     Officials carry out installation and repairs

Specifications of Liberty Sewage Pumps

Here are some unique specifications of Liberty sewage pumps:

     Heavy cast iron structure

     Permanently lubricated ball bearings

     Perfect for residential and light commercial applications

      The quick-connect power cord design

     2" or 3" flanged discharge and a variety of voltages


How to Choose The Right Sewage Pump?

Here are some popular types of sewage pumps that fulfill various needs:

Sewage Pumps

Sewage pumps are ideal for 50mm solids and are great for home use. However, they are unsuitable for treating large solid wastes and commercial services. 

Grinder Pumps

The grinder pumps have strong and fast blades which cut the solid waste into a fine slurry. It treats the solid particles in sewage and drains the wastewater to the mainline with force. It can be installed at home, commercial and industrial places too.

Sump Pumps

Sump pumps are a good choice for residential and commercial uses. They dewater the flooding caused due to the monsoon and clogged drains in the basement. In addition, it will dewater the area and transfer it into the drain.

You can choose the ideal pump for you according to the level of drainage and flooding problems. Lucking Liberty sewage pumps offer all types of pumps that are best in the category.

Liberty Pumps Overview

Liberty pumps are one of the best manufacturers of pumping products for groundwater and wastewater removal in the USA. It started with a family-owned business in 1965 in Bergen, New York. Interestingly it's a rural upstate community known for farming and became home to internationally famous Liberty pumps. It all started with a vision of the family to provide pumps for various residential needs.

Randall Waldron, VP of sales & marketing of Liberty Pump, expressed his gratitude by saying they have a great team of professionals and dedicated staff. They engage in tasks like assembly, shipping, and engineering to customer service to provide the best products.

The ultimate vision and mission of Liberty Pump are to nurture everlasting customer relationships by providing high-quality, innovative products and incredible service. In addition, they want a successful, dynamic, growing company known for its helpful water solutions. The acknowledgment from customers, competitors, and the industry makes them feel proud and motivated to produce the best products.

Moreover, the successful launches of PRO-Series sewage packages with QuickTree® technology, SumpJet® water-powered backup pumps, NightEye®, and web-enabled products were an immense sensation.

The company has extensive manufacturing units, advanced teams, and great technologies that deliver best-in-class sump, sewage, and effluent pumps and engineered pump systems. Also, they have implemented an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP), which gives them a strong family of hardworking individuals. The company believes in working as a family together with all the employees.

The healthy work environment, sustainable goals, employer-friendly approach, and quality make them shine in the world of pumps. They deal in wholesale and international deliveries and offer their products repairs, parts, and warranties. So, indulge in a class by exploring the best Liberty pumps, which have longevity and durability and provide advanced solutions.

Pump Products

To get all the models of sewage pumps and Liberty pumps, you can check  Pump Products. 

We present one-day delivery and the most affordable prices. Furthermore, we attentively listen to your requirements and recommend the finest products appropriate for your needs. 

Also, we are an authentic and largest distributor of pump products, repair parts, motors, accessories, controls, etc. Even if we have no inventory stock, we call the manufacturer and provide the product instantly.

So, trust our website to explore all types of pumps, motors, spare parts, and accessories of leading brands.

Or you can call us at 1-800-429-0800 for 24*7 assistance, shopping, and any other information.